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Special invitation

luzby, join me in the free Tele-seminar on:

Living awakening
Free tele-seminar with Arjuna

Thursday, March 10th
begins at 5:30pm US Pacific time
(45 to 60 min call)

Dear luzby,

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of different theories about this year we’re now living in: the much anticipated 2012.

Some people think this is going to be the end of the world as we know it, and not in a good way.
Maybe you saw “2012.” the film by Roland Emmerich, which included tidal waves, volcanoes erupting, and all kinds of other calamities.
Other people have the opposite theory about this time: that we’re preparing to enter into some sort of “golden age,” where all of our problems will magically be solved overnigh t, and humanity will finally learn how to live in harmony.

What's your take on this?

My friend and colleague, Arjuna Ardagh, has a unique take on 2012 which I’d like you to know about.
Arjuna is the author of the 2005 National Bestseller, “The Translucent Revolution,” as well as seven other books. He has been teaching people how to shift consciousness for almost 30 years.

He’s noticed that this time of rapid transition can be “the best of times,” or “the worst of times.” The difference lies in your state of consciousness.

Many people today are feeling incredibly challenged.
- the economic system is in crisis,
- the environment is being severely impacted by human beings, and
- in our personal lives we may feel stress overwhelm or anxiety.

Other people, under the exact same conditions, are discovering this to be the best time ever. They’re discovering their unique gift, giving it to the world, relationships are working well. Health is good and money is not a problem.

Same circumstances, different experience.

That's the reason I’ve invited Arjuna to be a guest on a tele-seminar with me on
Thursday, May 10th.
Based on all of his extensive research he’s going to share what these two elements are, and how you can easily begin to integrate them into your own life.

Arjuna interviewed me, along with hundreds of people who he considers to be unconditional thrivers, and he’s distilled the best of all this down into a comprehensive system that you can learn from.
He'll tell us more about this on the tele-seminar.

If you want to be part of this event, please, register here:


No sales during this tele-seminar.

Arjuna has generously offered all of my friends a valuable GIFT that you will find out during the tele-seminar.

I hope to have you on the call.

In awareness and healing,

Luis Diaz

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The event will be on
Thursday, May 10th at:

12pm      Pacific coast
  3pm      East Coast
  2pm      Mexico, Colombia, Peru
  4pm      Argentina, Uruguay
  8pm      United Kingdom
  9pm      Spain, France

Dial-in number: (916) 414-0605
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Do you have any specific questions you would like to ask?
Please write to me the questions that you may have in advance to: info@cellularmemory.org.
We will be answering as many of them as we can during the call.

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Looking forward to having you in the tele-seminar, luzby!

Luis Diaz

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